Wednesday, February 22, 2012


For millions of years, life has evolved in a chaotic and brutal system, to finally bring forth an intelligent species of animal. To escape this brutal system and protect himself against the savage world around him, he formed alliances with other individuals, eventually leading to tribes, and as the agricultural revolution sprang to life, our forefathers settled down with their peers in tribes. These tribes and villages offered security in exchange for a little bit of freedom from the tribemembers, as the primitive laws were developed to maintain the peace within the community.

Well now, am I the only one that finds it strange that capitalism is around? Let me explain.

Our capitalist economy is based on the evolutionary process in nature, as the fittest, i.e. richest, prevail and will have lives long enough to produce better adapted offspring. So mankind has offered up some freedom for protection against the vicious games that nature had played on them, and now we have ended up in a eerily similar system, only with less freedom than once before.

Is it because man subconsciously needs this system? Is it a basic hunkering in his genes to oppress and exploit his fellow man if he believes himself fit enough to do so? And where there are the fittest, there are also the weak, but the weak in these days are not killed. Hell no! The weak are kept alive, most of em hopped up on anti-depressants, sleeping pills or painkillers, just so they can be good consumers, with a decent amount of debt and an overflowing collection of useless stuff.

This rich vs. 'weak', or 1 vs. 99% if you will, smells a bit like Nietzsche's Ubermensch, who he believed should rule and make choices that are best for themselves as superior beings. The interests of regular people couldn't bother them less. I keep seeing similarities... The Nazi police state is not far off, the Wall Street police has shown who it protects, who the Ubermenschen are.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Omne Nefas Mundi

I'm thinking of renaming this blog, but since I don't have a lot of blog-experience, I really don't know if it's a faux pas.

The new title will be 'Omne Nefas Mundi', latin for 'all that's wrong with this world', so it's more obvious what this blog is about, as I wouldn't call it a 'personal' blog', it's more of a rant on a crooked world.

My ranting today was mostly about possessions. I've been reading up on John Locke and his obsession with possession. It's sad that this man and his political views have become mainstream over the course of over 300 years, which is one of the main causes for the crashing ultra-capitalist system in place today. And we still see it today, the obsession with possession, especially in more conservative countries, where there are laws tolerating murder in response to theft of one's properties.

One of the main reasons I do not believe in capitalism is because of the existence of possessions. A system which thrives under scarcity of goods cannot be called a system to serve mankind's greater goals.
I can concur (more moderate) capitalism has led to gigantic leaps in science and industrialization, but we are now coming to the breaking point of that same system. Science is coming to a standstill, indicated by fewer science students each year at universities. (Yes it is my belief science is mankind's most important ultimate goal.)
But the cracks also shows in these latest times of economical crisis. A pragmatical system would not condone the deletion of jobs, distributing most wealth amongst less than 1% of earth's inhabitants, and even the destruction our planet.

It's amazing such a system is still tolerated, or should I say "enforced", after all those years of crises, poverty, war, sickness and hunger.