Friday, March 23, 2012


Einstein, Bohr, John Locke, Anaximander, Heisenberg, even Stephen Hawking. Ten years after my official of official education, I came to realize how little was actually taught to us in schools, and how much useless crap was forced down our throats.

I hated physics in high school, these days I can't get enough of cosmology. Never did we get any lessons about any of the great philosophers, except maybe for Socrates, Plato and Aristotle as we brushed over them in history, but the facts we did learn about them were only limited to their dates of birth and death. What these great men taught and how their vision had such a fundamental impact on the 2000 years to come... Nope, not one word. I guess such a gem of information would not be interesting enough for a young adult.

People do have different interests so I can agree that a general basic education is needed which cannot cover all important facets of our civilization. But why teach kids the calculations of elongation of a spring, but not teach them anything about how mankind came to such insights and why every single one of them changed our world.

It's obvious then, that instead of making people think on their own, education is nothing more than training mere monkeys to be obedient and skillfull. The excitement of learning something new, gaining a new insight in a complex and overwhelming world is immediately repressed and shoved aside for a 20 years long instruction manual about how to conform to and support this absurd social mechanism.

And I wish we could give our younger fellow men a better, more realistic education, signs everywhere suggest a downhill slope. And I'm not talking about the surge in numbers of high school drop-outs, because those drop-outs are the ones that can make the most impact towards a better future, it's the ones staying in school we should be afraid of.

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